THE WINERY - Sipp Mack
THE WINERY - Sipp Mack

The Winery

In the heart of the Alsace wine region, Sipp Mack continues their family wine-making tradition.

  • 1698, Frédéric Mack, barrel cooper decided to make his own wines.
  • 1959, Sipp Mack was engraved in the stone lintel after the marriage of Marie Louise Mack and François Sipp, two well-known winegrowing families in the region.
  • 1982, Jacques & Laura decided to continue the family adventure and to develop the international commerce of their wines.
  • 2009, their daughter, Carolyn, joined the team.

Today, the whole winery team works together to perpetuate family traditions while adding touches of modernity and new initiatives.

The Vineyards

Sipp Mack harvests and vinifies grapes grown on approximately 24 Ha of vineyards located within four kilometers of the winery, in the villages of Hunawihr, Ribeauvillé and Bergheim. The terroirs (soils) are varied but essentially calcareous clay and include fields within Hunawihr’ s Grand Cru Rosacker and Ribeauvillé’ s Grand Cru Osterberg.

2010, the organic farming methods are verified and certified each year.

Preserving our soils for future generations and maintaining a natural balance in the vineyard guides our operations. Throughout the seasons, our interventions reinforce each vine’s innate defenses. The objective is to harvest grapes that develop rich complex aromas and ripe acidities.

THE WINERY - Sipp Mack
THE WINERY - Sipp Mack

The Cellar

The harvest is the long-awaited end of the yearly cycle. The timing and the decisions taken insure the elaboration of high-quality juice.

At Sipp Mack, thanks to our team of dedicated harvesters, each wine begins with hand-harvested grapes around the middle of September. Back at the winery, the grapes are delicately pressed to preserve the aromas and complexity of each terroir. A moment on fine lees follows.the slow fermentations.

  • Spring, the first young and fresh wines are bottled
  • Autumn, the more complex wines are bottled and place in the aging cellar!