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We harvest and vinify grapes grown on approximately 22 hectares of vineyards located within four kilometers of the winery, in the villages of Hunawihr, Ribeauvillé and Bergheim. The terroirs (soils) are varied but essentially calcareous clay.

Our vines are cultivated using organic farming methods. In conversion AB since 2010, we will be fully certified organic AB after the 2012 vintage. From 2000 to 2010, we successfully used integrated pest management and the cultural methods of the Tyflo Charter.

Our family’s choice to convert to organic status reflects our desire to work in a healthy atmosphere, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We also wish to preserve the environment by fostering the natural balance between the soil and vines to create dynamic ecosystems! We encourage the biodiversity of fauna and flora through the use of cover crops and the maintenance of bush hedges - home to many small birds, insects and animals. We avoid soil erosion by carefully preserving old stone walls. Through composting and tilling, we improve the aeration of the soils and help maintain ideal humidity.

These actions create healthy vines that are more insect and disease resistant and produce more flavorful, better balanced fruit. To further improve fruit quality, our yields are voluntarily reduced by pruning the canes short in winter and thinning the immature grape clusters in summer.

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