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To guarantee the quality of the harvest, our grapes are harvested exclusively by hand around the beginning of October. This is done by a team of approximately thirty devoted and motivated harvesters, many of whom have been returning to Hunawihr to pick grapes with us for decades. Once carefully selected, the grapes are placed in small plastic containers in the vineyards and brought quickly to the winery.

At the winery, the grapes are binned directly into state of the art pneumatic presses, where the grapes are delicately pressed for three to six hours. The pressure used to extract the juice from each batch of grapes is adapted to maximize and preserve the aromas and complexity of each variety and its terroir. The juices are fermented, without hurry, in modern, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks throughout winter. The wines are kept on fine lees, and then aged for 3 months in oak casks. Towards the end of the following summer, the wines are filtered and bottled at the winery. Certain bottles are aged 1 or 2 years before sale.

A small but very versatile team (Sabrina, Pierrette, Eric and Andre) works diligently in the vineyards throughout the year in the varied tasks: pruning the vines, repairing trellis wires and attaching the canes in winter; planting new vines and tending the soil in spring; aerating the foliage and training the vines in summer; and the harvest in autumn. Our crew also helps with bottling and labeling.

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