Riesling Grand Cru Osterberg 2010 – RVF selection

Our Riesling Grand Cru Osterberg 2010, selected “wine of the day” by RVF http://www.larvf.com/,vin-du-jour,12 616.htm ‪‬

Winery of the week: Sipp Mack

Sipp Mack is  “Winery of the week” on www.winesofdalsace.com, an American website dedicated to Alsace Wines. Thank you ! Read article http://www.winesofalsace.com/alsace-talk/parlez-alsace/winery-of-the-week-sipp-mack

Panos Kakaviatos’ visit to Sipp Mack

Americain wine critic, Panos Kakaviatos, visited Sipp Mack this month.  A small YouTube video was skillfully put together showing highlights of our shared moments at the winery and in the Grand Cru Rosacker with Jacques, Laura and Carolyn Sipp :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=New0Vin-PVU&feature=player_embedded

Alsace Wine Club Visit to Sipp Mack

The “Alsace Wine Club” share their passion for Alsace wines as they travel together through the region and discover Alsace domaines, the winegrowers and their wines. On Saturday the 23rd of March, they visited Sipp Mack.  You can read about their impressions here :  http://www.eric-riesling.com/article-sortie-vignoble-23-mars-2013-weinbach-et-sipp-mack-116470948.html

Eric Langermann’s harvest visit to Sipp Mack

Eric Langermann, Alsace wine blogger, shares his impressions about harvest 2012 at Sipp Mack.  You can remark that he didn’t hesitate to wet his shirt while filling the press!  😉 http://www.eric-riesling.com/article-sipp-mack-vendanges-2012-harvest-weinlese-110963566.html