Organic Farming at Sipp Mack

The Organic Farming certification in our vineyards and winery requires the very strict application of a detailed set of regulations.  Each year, our labors are validated by Ecocert, an authorized certification agency.

In our vineyards, we use contact solutions containing micro-doses of sulfur and copper against mildew and molds. These treatments do not enter the sap of the vines. Steeped nettles, algae and prêle are used to reinforce the vines natural immunity system. An increased surveillance in the fields is required as each treatment must take place at the right time to be effective. The methods are preventative rather than curative.

Insecticides have been replaced, when necessary, by pheromones that prevent the development of butterfly larva on the grapes.

Synthetic products and chemical weeding are banned. To prevent the rapid development of weeds and grasses that compete with the vines for water and soil nutrients, efficient tilling and plowing equipment is used.

In the cellar, all winemaking procedures are verified by Ecocert. Our doses of sulfur dioxide are reduced. Other additives are not allowed.

These efforts minimize the residual chemicals that may be found in the wines you drink, preserve the quality of our soils and water resources and the health of those who work in the fields. In addition, as our vineyards find an increasing harmony, they produce increasingly homogenous harvests of rich, juicy grapes with complex aromas and ripe acidities. 

la viticulture bio chez Sipp Mack

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