Sipp Mack Pinot Noir Rosé 2011 !

Spring is arriving quickly, heralding upcoming moments of leisure and relaxation on sunny terraces.  We suggest sipping this fresh, well structured Pinot Noir Rosé d’Alsace.  It’s beautiful rose hip color and notes of buttered cherries are a pleasure to both the eyes and the palette.

The label, modern and stylized, was created by Carolyn Sipp.  It embodies her artistic style while honoring the emblem of our beautiful region thus presenting a rosé, 100% Alsatian.

As with most seasonal wines, consume this Pinot Noir Rosé d’Alsace young.  Production is limited.  For more detailed information, RDV on our Alsace wine page : Cuvée Spéciales Sipp Mack

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