Les diVINes d’Alsace – 29 July 2014 De Vers en Verres with Sipp Mack, Spielmann & Deiss

Ciel de Baran’s  “De vers en Verres” is a talented show filled with poesie and music that will take you through the vineyards near Bergheim and the Domaine Sylvie Spielmann.  To accompany these special moments, three DiVines,  Carolyn Sipp (Sipp Mack), Sylvie Spielmann (Domaine Sylvie Spielmann) and Marie-Hélène Cristofar (Domaine Marcel Deiss) propose to share and comment 6 wines.  Reservation is suggested. Please call the winery 03 89 73 61 88 or Sylvie Spielmann 03 89 73 35 95.  10€/ person.  #drinkalsace #sippmack

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